AJS Motorcycle Brochure 1934


AJS 1934 Catalogue Small format Black and white inside.

Includes Specifications, Photos & Price for each model ( Nicely Reprinted, surface rust to staples)


AJS Motorcycle Brochure 1934 (a reprinted brochure)  16 cm x 10.5 cm  16 pages Black and white inside.

Model 34-12 Big Port 2.48 hp  Model 34-5 3.49 hp Side Valve

Model 34-B6 3.49 hp Big Port   Model 34-6 3.49 hp Big Port De Luxe

Model 34-7 3.46 Camshaft Trophy     Model 34-10 4.95 hp Camshaft Trophy

Model 34-B8 3.49 hp Big Port De Luxe    Model 34-8 4.98 hp Big Port De Luxe

34-9 4.98 hp Side Valve De Luxe   English Model 34-2 SV  Vee Twin

Export Model 34-2 SV  Vee Twin

Model A Sports De Luxe sidecar

Model B Launch sidecar  Model C Occasional Two-Seater Sidecar