Triumph TR5T Parts Book Trophy 500cc Twins Original Catalogue 99-0973 for 1973 Motorcycles


Triumph TR5T Parts Book Trophy 500 Twins USA Motorcycles  1973


Triumph TR5T Parts Book USA Models  1973 Part No. 99-0973 Original Book printed in England 

 63 pages  28 cm x 21.5 cm 


Air Filter, Alternator, Auto Advance Unit, Battery Carrier, Brake Switches, Breather Pipes,  Camshaft inlet and exhaust, capacitor ignition,  Carburettor, Centre Stand, Chains, Chaincase, Clutch, Clutch Control Lever, Coil, Connecting rods, Control Cables, Control Levers, Crankcase, Crankshaft, Cylinder Head, Engine Plates, Exhaust Pipes, Frame, Fenders, Flashers,  Footrests, Front forks, Front Wheel, Gas Tank, Gearbox, Handlebars, Horn, Headlamp, Kickstarter, Mudguards, Muffler, Oil Pump, Oil Pipes, Pistons, Prop Stand, Pushrods, Rear Wheel, Rectifier, Reflectors, Rockers,  Side Panel,  Silencers, Spark Plugs, Speedometer, Suspension Units,  Switches, Table of Standard Hardware, Tachometer, Tacho Drive, Tail Lamp, Tappets, Toolkit, Timing gears, Valves, Valve Guides, Wiring Harness, Zener diode.  A Original Triumph TR5T parts book.

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