1911 Motorcyclists Handbook


The Motor Cyclist’s Handbook 1911 By Phoenix (Chas S Lake)

292 pages including period adverts    119 photographs and 145 line illustrations   19 x 12.5 cm.   A useful manual for your veteran motorcycle.

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Written by a young motorcycle engineer for the layman in 1911 this profusely illustrated book is an absolute must joy for anyone interested in the development, design and the maintenance of veteran motorcycles.  A great piece of Social history reproduced as a good quality hardback book for your enjoyment.  Full of references to, or adverts for Chater Lea, Douglas, Montgomery, Triumph, Hobart, IVY, NSU, Peugeot, Rex, Premier, JAP, Scott, Arno, Norton, NSU, Motor Reve, BAT, FN, Wanderer, Zenith Motorcycles, AMAC, B & B, JAP and Longuemare Carbs, Bosch Magnetos, Jones Speedo, Dunhill Acetylene Lights, Armstrong Triplex Three speed Gear.

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