Matchless G3L WD Drivers Handbook


Matchless G3L 350 cc Drivers Handbook WD

Book no. 100/MC3-B   Professional Clear reprint


Matchless 41G3L  Drivers Handbook WD Motorcycles

64 pages    14 cm x 10 cm  A useful book on Matchless Heavyweight Singles 1939-1940’s.


Tools, Data for Drivers, Controls Diagram, Petrol Supply, Starting the Engine, Stopping the Engine, Notes on Driving, Pannier Bags, stopping the Machine, Carburetter Fires, Running In, Checking Oil Circulation, Oiling Adjustment, Chain, Tyre Repairs, Points to Remember, Every 1000, 2000, 3000, 5,000 miles, Magneto, Dynamo, Maintenance Tasks, Lubrication and Fuel System, Ignition System, Sparking Plug, Charging System and Battery, Steering Wheels, Brakes and Tyres, Transmission, Frames, Fittings, Horn and general Items Plus Foldout Lubrication Chart.


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