Triumph Tuning Stan Shenton Bonneville Tiger 100 Twins Trident Triple Book


Triumph Tuning Stan Shenton Book on How to Tune the Triumph Bonneville, Tiger 100 Twins and T150 Trident Triples.


Triumph Tuning Stan Shenton Book

Triumph Tuning by Stan Shenton is a guide to all aspects of Tuning Triumph 500 Tiger 100, Bonneville T120 650 and T140 750 Twins and T150 Trident 750 Triples.


Gas Flowing, Valves, Valve Springs, Valve Guides, Rockers, Compression Ratios, Plug Position, The Crankshaft, Balancing, Pistons, Large Bore conversions, The Crankcase, Camshafts and Tappets, Cam Timing, Cam choice, Con Rods, In the Timing Case, The Clutch and Primary Chain, Primary Chain, The Alternator, Carburettors, The Ignition System, Standard Coil System, Transistor Ignition, Ignition Timing, Gearbox, Exhaust System, Brakes, Suspension, Rear Damping, Wheels and Tyres, Race Preparation, Torque Settings.

The book has 55 pages and measures 25.5 cm x 20.5 cm.

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