Triumph Tigress Scooter Brochure 175 Twin 250 Twin


Triumph Brochure Tigress Scooter 175 Twin 250 Twin


Triumph Tigress Scooter Brochure TS1 175 two stroke, TW2, TW2/S OHV 250cc Twins.  The brochure has nice 1960’s artwork and opens up to a 34 cm x 22 cm poster.

Plus a Triumph Tigress Scooters Waverley Accessories Flyer 23 cm x 18 cm 2 items

new old stock, specifications on the back. Original

See Also  Triumph T10 Scooter Brochure 1965

                Triumph T10 Automatic Scooter Brochure 1966 Nice colourful artwork and opens to a 48 cm x 39 cm poster



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