Triumph Trident Handbook1974 Original New Old Stock


Triumph Owners Handbook for the Trident T150V 750 Motorcycle, UK Models 1974


Triumph Trident Handbook 1974 for 750 Motorcycles, UK Models.   A Original New Old Stock book.

General Description, Control Layout, Valve Adjustment, Brake Adjustment, Chain Adjustment, Telescopic Front Forks, Rear Suspension, Wheels, Tyres, Ignition Timing, Spark Plugs, Oil Change, Gearbox, Amal Concentric, Electrical Equipment, Zener Diode, Routine Maintenance, Lubrication Points. Wiring Diagram.

A Original Triumph Meriden item which was printed in the UK by the Warwick Printing Company.

This book has 34 pages.

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