1912 ABC of the Motorcycle by WJ Jackman


ABC of the Motorcycle 1912 Early American Motorcycle Guide
by WJ Jackman  226 pages 127 Illustrations


This American book was written for the many thousands of pioneer motorcyclists who bought the first mass produced machines (one factory alone produced 10,000 motorcycles in 1910).  Many of these new motorcyclists would have had little knowledge of the internal combustion engine and indeed a number would have previously relied on horses for transport.  Although the book was primarily intended for the American market much of the information is universal and could be applied equally to most types of early motorcycle. A Hardback book reprinted in 2012, 100 Printed only a few left in stock.

I. Inception and Evolution of the Motorcycle-The First Machine-
It’s Evolution-Modern Developments-Relation of Various Mechanical Parts-how They
II. Vital features of the Motorcycle-How They operate as a Whole
III. Motive Power-Production and Application-Why Gasolene is Used as a Fuel-Proper Mixtures-Expansive Force of Certain Proportions
IV. What the Carbureter Does-Its Mechanism and Operation-Regulation of the Carbureter-use of the Throttle Valve-Some Carbureter Troubles
V. Ignition –Battery and Magneto Methods-How a Magneto Works-Batteries and Spark Coils Explained-Function of the Spark Plug
VI. The Motorcycle Engine-Mechanism and Operation-Piston Rod Connections-Starting and Engine-The Exhaust System
VII. Timing-What is it and How is it Done-Regulation of Spark-Regulation of Valve Action-Fixed Timing-The Contact Maker
VIII. The Crankcase-Its Mechanisms and Functions
IX. Transmission of Power to Wheels-Chain, Belt and Shaft Drives-Strong and Weak Points.
X. Lubrication-Various Methods-Quality of Oil Required-Simple Tests of Adulterants-Danger of Dirty Oil
XI. Road Troubles-Their Remedies-Sudden Stoppage of the Engine-Gradual Stoppage-Irregular Firing-“Knocks in the Engine-Lack of Compression-Carbureter Troubles-Quick Repair of Tyres Etc.
XII. Pre-ignition-Its Cause, Effect and Remedies
XIII. Horse Power and Electric Power-How to Figure Horse Power-Several Easy Methods-Relation of Power to Speed-How Speed is Gained or Reduced
XIV. Tires-Their Proper Care-Why Pneumatics are Used-Danger of Under Inflation-Some Things to Avoid-Advantages of the Clincher System
XV. Cost of Operation-Estimate of Road Expenses-Figures from Actual Experience-One Cent a Mile
XVI. Effects of Weather Motorcycles
XVII. Selection and Use of Machine-Good Fit Essential-The Matter of Cylinders-Starting a New Machine-The First Lesson-Learning to Mount, Pedal and Steer
XVIII. Hints on Shop Repairs, Patching Cracked Cylinders and Piston Heads-Removing a Piston Ring-Vulcanizing Tires-Regrinding Valves-Removing a Broken Spark Plug
XIX. Some Things Worth Knowing-What to Carry on a Trip-Protection Against Thieves-Engine Testing Speeds-How to Measure Grades
XX. Buying a Secondhand Motorcycle-What to do First-Parts to Examine-Engine and Important Feature-Tires Need Inspection
XXI. For People With Speed Craze-How to Make a Racer out of a Road Machine
XXII. Don’ts for Motorcyclists-Advice That Will Save Time and Money and Minimize the Possibility of Accidents