Motorcycles, Sidecars Cyclecars 1915 Motorcycle Book Sold Out


Motorcycles, Sidecars & Cyclecars 1915 by Victor Page (New York)  RePrinted Hardback Book

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Motorcycles, Sidecars Cyclecars 1915 Motorcycle Book Reprinted

‘A Comprehensive, Non-Technical Treatise on, all forms of lighter, self propelled vehicles, principles of operation, construction and practical application of components in leading American and Foreign Machines. Also complete Advice on management maintenance and repair of all representative types..This is the most valuable series of drawings ever produced’ 1915

Motorcycles, Sidecars Cyclecars 1915   Includes References to Motorcycles, Sidecars Cyclecars 1915s references to Rudge, Brown, Triumph (vertical twin), Scott, Douglas, Royal Enfield, Premier, Phelon & Moore, Ariel, FN, De Dion, Daimler, Clement, Peugeot, Indian, Harley Davidson, Excelsior (USA), De Luxe, Emblem, Monarch, Fieldbach Vee Twins. Henderson, Curtiss, Regal Green, Standard, De Luxe, New Era, Wagner, Royal, Merkel, Yale, Pope, Thomas, Orient, Thomas, Halley, Hendee, Eagle, Harley Davidson, Pierce

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