Motorcycling for Women 1928 Nancy and Betty Debenham


Motorcycling for women 1928 Nancy and Betty Debenham Professionally Reprinted Paperback (UK) 2015
‘A Book for the Lady Driver, Sidecar Passenger and Pillion Rider’

By Betty Debenham &  Nancy Debenham

Includes some great period photos


Motorcycling for Women Book 1928 Nancy and Betty Debenham

Motor Cycling for Women was a Motorcycle book written by women for women and a quite revolutionary book at the time it was written in the 1920’s.

Betty and Nancy Debenham were a pair of young adventurous lady motorcyclists who entered trials competitions on equal terms with men in the 1920’s.  Although they were serious motorcyclists they never let this get in the way of their tremendous sense of fun.   Their spirit shines through in ‘Motor Cycling for Women’.  A practical and yet at times eccentric and quirky book from a bye-gone era that will make you smile.

You will see from the photographs in this book that the authors Nancy and Betty Debenham were attractive, adventurous and happy young ladies who thoroughly enjoyed their motorcycling. The sisters became poster girls for BSA motorcycles in 1927. However, they were also hardy, tough, brave, knowledgeable and resilient motorcyclists in their own right and not just selected for their looks .Indeed, Nancy won a Gold Medal at Brooklands Racetrack in 1926. They were often accompanied on their journeys by their little dog Poncho who would sometimes stowaway in the sidecars and cars of strangers.

They were part of a small but very enthusiastic band of female motorcyclists who took part in all kinds of motorcycle events; including gymkhanas, trials and journeys to foreign parts. By modern standards the sisters escapades in riding a sidecar outfit with just a few minutes training, finding a certain lack of brakes and clutch and tying the sidecar on with rope would give a present day health and safety officer a heart attack. However, I’m sure none of these events were particularly unusual in the twenties.

Introduction by Major H R Watling.


Introduction by Major H R Watling.


The Magic Carpet

Sidecar Topics

Our first sidecar tour

Holiday tours

Camping weekends

Weekend rambles

By road to river

Frocks and frills

Motorcycling and health

The road girl’s complexion

The pillion passenger’s complexion

Two up on tour

The solo rider

Learning to ride

On choosing a mount

The new machine

Repairs, replacements and accessories

Road Sense

The law and the lady rider

Clubs and the social side

The art of trials riding



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