Sunbeam S7 S8 Manual for 1957 Motorcycles


Sunbeam S7 S8 Manual 1957 500 O. H. C. Twin Motorcycles


Sunbeam S7 S8 Manual 1957  Now reprinted in the UK to a High Standard the original format in 2017  

Technical Data, Adjustment of Dampers, assembly, big End Bearings, Camshaft chain tensioner, carburettor,lubrication, clutch, gearbox, overhaul, valve timing, wiring diagrams  etc etc

The book coveds all Overhead Camshaft 500cc Sunbeam Motorcycles 1947-1957

84 pages 19 cm x 12.5 cm  46 diagrams The book has textured Green card covers exactly as the original book.

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